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First referred as the "pearl of Africa" by Sir Winston Churchill, Uganda is home to one of the most extraordinary, diverse and outstanding ranges of true African fauna. It is one country with so much new and so much to discover that every traveler can find a dimension of his own. The highly endangered mountain Gorillas and the big Champs (chimpanzee) are the identity of Uganda, these are the assets of nature that make this part of the continent most unique in its wild life reserves. Most importantly, the originality is still seen , as a large part of the country is not affected by the tourist flocks, the uncountable low cost airlines and cheap flights to Uganda bringing in thousands of tourists each year. To some, it may not fit into the criteria of elite and high standards for Tourist destination as its neighbors might, It is rough and tough - but it is real and that's why we love Uganda.

Uganda, is a doorway to the ancient Africa. With a semi-modernized and urban capital city - Kampala, still retaining the old structures and architecture Uganda is a home to one after another row of lush green farms, small villages and friendly people with joyous smiles. But above all, what draws people from round the world to this little true Africa is the exhilarating Gorilla Safaris, Chimpanzees, African native birds, Rwqnzoriz trekking and the picnic spots at the insertion point of River Nile. Other than that the scenic country side, amazing festivals and traditional arts and crafts are part of a "trip to Uganda" memory.

For there is so much to see and so much to do in the true and genuine Africa, a few days or a week's holiday can sometimes be insufficient. There are several Direct, Indirect and low cost airline that fly to Uganda form almost anywhere in London or UK. But we have collected all ! Fill up our online flight search engine and zoom through cheap flight offers, last minute deals, Big Bargains, early bird discounts or amazingly surprising cheap air fares to Uganda all under one roof - flights to Uganda.

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